Six Months Recap - March - August 2020

Straight to the (bullet) point(s): 

[To be honest, my first thought was to skip this entire recap altogether, pick a random spot on the timeline and start there but the lack of continuity would’ve bothered me. I’ve started countless drafts for this update but wasn’t happy with any of them. I tried to address the pandemic and the lockdown, along with some personal heartbreak, but nothing looked right so I’m cutting all the ‘extra’ words]

  • March - this one we skip. 
  • April - some nice quarantine-projects started popping up. I participated in a few, my favorites being: Shelter and Place (they closed submissions a while back) and Shits’ Fucked  (this seems abandoned, but was really nice at the time; link to my page)  
  • May - I have a ~ten page spread in Diafano Magazine . Direct link: here.  
  • June: I signed up (again) for the yearly Poetry Marathon (and completed it, of course) - 24 poems in 24 hours, one poem per hour. One of the poems (Cattail) has been selected for the upcoming anthology (Fall 2020)
  • July: My profile on Hansford And Sons EAP went live. 
  • August: My Blue Leaf Orange and catalogs were presented at Artbox Project Zurich 2.2 / Swiss Art Expo  , August 20-24. My catalogs (Zurich edition) are available through and ArtBox Publish

My Artsy profile is live. You can find it here.

March-August - a lot of new works have been added to the website. 

Sneak-peek into what’s next: 

  • A newsletter sign up ‘sheet’ will be coming soon and I’m so over the moon with excitement! It’s been asked for so long and I know it was taking me forever but I’m finally taking the leap!
  • My Garden (acrylic on stone paper) has been curated into the online exhibition “Loss”, at Woman Made Gallery, Chicago. More on this soon but check out the exhibition in the meanwhile.
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