Acquisitions & Commissions


Please contact me directly if you are interested in any of the pieces on my website or on my Instagram

Online platforms I can be found on:


Hansford and Sons E.A.P. *

Saatchi Art *

* prices reflect respective platform's % commission


I take on a small number of commissions every month. They fill up quickly. Please reach out and we will figure out all the details together.

I translate memories into shape and colour for you. I also do colour palettes, maps and bird-view of your favorite places from around the world. Size and medium of your choice. 

Why memories?

I strongly believe memories are our most prized possessions. 

I have personally witnessed heartbreak and sorrow over loss of memories, in their entirety or from missing fragments or important details. I believe a work of art can act as a metaphorical keepsake, as an anchor that grounds fleeting memories. 

Just how there is a story behind each and every one of my works, the piece you commission will tell your story. Every detail has meaning, the colors are carefully chosen and no line is random. We will work together to create an abstract piece that speaks to you.

When you entrust me with your memories or ideas, I will treasure them and never take them for granted. I will walk you through my step by step process and keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

Drop me a note.

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